by Sabrina Pena Young



Cinematic soundscapes, pulsating rhythms, and enigmatic vocals envelop the listener in entangling science fiction textures and robotic mayhem. Be prepared for an otherworldly sound experience.


released June 2, 2008




Sabrina Pena Young Buffalo, New York

Sci-fi buff Young creates mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Music has been heard at festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Download Libertaria today! A whacked out experimental sci-fi opera about evil geneticists, post-USA dystopia, and lost love. Repo X Wagner X Machinima. ... more

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Track Name: World Order #1
Imagine a world where we all had enough dental floss, dental floss to go around.
Why, instead of busy bombing each other, we'd be helping each other's Hygienic needs.

Germs. Slowly corroding their mouths, till now, they have barely any teeth at all.

But those countries that do have dental floss, they won't share. They never do.

Nuke Everyone!

Why is it so difficult for us to share dental floss?

Till now, they have barely any teeth at all.

They are too busy nuking each other and withholding dental floss from the world.
Track Name: Looking Glass
I look in the mirror
And who do I see?

Hollowed eyes
Looking back at me

Sensuous lips
Wrinkled and torn
Sallow skin and soul forlorn

But when I breathe, she breathes, too.
Those tears in her eyes I knew

We hold hands in our looking glass
The moments melting into the past

And underneath the hardened shell
Is a little girl I knew so well

Someday she'll learn to laugh again
And love, maybe she will find it in the end

But today I am left with my mirrored mate
Goodnight, Lovely Alice, for it's getting late

The moon has risen above the dying trees
Forgotten wishes float away with the breeze

Each moment passes quicker than before
And our Alice, She sleeps forevermore.