Libertaria Cast Rehearsal Album Vol. 1

by Sabrina Pena Young

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Rehearsal Album for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. This album will include scores and click tracks for separate parts and solos for ensembles that wish to perform Libertaria. Album will be updated throughout 2012 while the original cast for Libertaria: The Virtual Opera is in production.


released January 1, 2012



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sabrina Pena Young Buffalo, New York

Sci-fi buff Young creates mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Music has been heard at festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Download Libertaria today! A whacked out experimental sci-fi opera about evil geneticists, post-USA dystopia, and lost love. Repo X Wagner X Machinima. ... more

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Track Name: Lady Liberty Shop (Click)
Can I touch your silken face again?
Sweet innocent one? (Handing her a
doll) A love you have forgotten.
Your tiny hand reaches mine. We
travel in time, and find hope again.
Track Name: Metal Ink (Click Track)
Metal Ink (Simeon whistles the
melody) Take a swig of Metal Ink,
that's the stuff for drinking. Half
oil, half charity, half who knows
what? But that's what we're
drinking. To stay alive, no,
survive! Delicious tweaking
metalness. Trickling down my rusted
pipes, organic decaying to so much

But have you seen my sweet Lucinde?
Red hair, or was it brown? Hell if I
can remember it now. Just so high,
high as the sky turned red as blood.
Can I touch your silken face again,
sweet innocent one?

I found your broken doll, underneath
our crumpled wall on that horrific
Tuesday morning. That forgotten

Morning to you, dearest friend? Or
is it afternoon instead? Want some
Ink? (seems to offer drink to the
animal in the alley). What do you
think? I'm just having a drink, a
swig, a taste of life again! (holds
out note as he lifts up the
vial)Down the throat and into the