A FUTURIST MUSIC ANTHOLOGY: The Electroacoustic Mind of Sabrina Pena Young 2001​-​2014

by Sabrina Pena Young



Filtered through the lens of science fiction and fantasy, the electroacoustic works of Sabrina Pena Young explore the sonic outer dimensions of sound in a surreal world constantly balancing between reality and future dimensions of thought and music and the mind. With hundreds of works performed throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas, Young's global reach extends past borders and through the Digital Realm with "groundbreaking" works like Libertaria: The Virtual Opera. Her work has been called "marvelously abstract", "epic", and "groundbreaking". Sabrina Pena Young continues to redefine electronic music

This unique anthology spans over a decade of electroacoustic works from Young's earlier days at SYCOM, where she explored the avant-guarde in sound synthesis, to sophisticated ambient explorations, and even dance influenced tracks.

Includes BONUS digital items like the official movie poster from Libertaria: The Virtual Opera, the Libertaria Songbook, 7 Music Essays, and the Dream the Dreams of God Kindle edition.


released February 11, 2015



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Sabrina Pena Young Buffalo, New York

Sci-fi buff Young creates mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Music has been heard at festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Download Libertaria today! A whacked out experimental sci-fi opera about evil geneticists, post-USA dystopia, and lost love. Repo X Wagner X Machinima. ... more

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Track Name: Light - Instrumental (2008)
The Bright and Morning Star Earth in darkness The universe in quiet slumber
The infinite magnificence of the sun The Passion of Creation is here
And then God said, “Let there be light! Oh, radiant light!” Lord, the darkness is as light to you Light as bright as you
I awake and I am with You Dawn is here
Track Name: Looking Glass (2007)
I look in the mirror
And who do I see?

Hollowed eyes
Looking back at me

Sensuous lips
Wrinkled and torn
Sallow skin and soul forlorn

But when I breathe, she breathes, too.
Those tears in her eyes I knew

We hold hands in our looking glass
The moments melting into the past

And underneath the hardened shell
Is a little girl I knew so well

Someday she'll learn to laugh again
And love, maybe she will find it in the end

But today I am left with my mirrored mate
Goodnight, Lovely Alice, for it's getting late

The moon has risen above the dying trees
Forgotten wishes float away with the breeze

Each moment passes quicker than before
And our Alice, She sleeps forevermore.
Track Name: World Order #1 (2004)
Dental Floss
It may save the world someday
Those countries that do have dental floss
They won't share
They never do
And, now they have barely any teeth at all!
They are too busy bombing each other
and withholding dental floss from the world.
Track Name: Nano Opera: The Rise, Triumph, and Fiery Demise of Robotika (2012)
Track Name: American Recall (2011)
You have just purchased a product that will kill you
You are a valuable consumer
This product will kill your children too
Your children are valuable consumers
Discontinue use of this product immediately
Your children recently purchased a product that will kill you
Track Name: Formado en un Lugar Secreto - Instrumental (2008)
Formado en un Lugar Secreto
Forma Form
Formado en un lugar secreto/sagrado Formed in a secret/sacred place
La tierra estaba vacía The earth was barren
El Espíritu se movía sobra la faz de las aguas The Spirit hovered over the waters
La creación The creation
Abismo The abyss
Caotica/Caos Chaos
La tierra estaba desordenada The earth lacked order
Las tinieblas The darkness
La luz The light
Track Name: The Ascension of Madam Cyborg (2014)
Like a whisper
My soul from me leaves
Decades now dust
My spirit watches you
from the clouds
I envelop your existence
Track Name: World Order #5 (2008)
THE LAsT HuMAn DieD In AUsTrALia in 2095.

POPULATION SOUTH AMERICA. Zero. POPULATION NORTH AMERICA. New Strains of HIV mutated. Zero. POPULATION EUROPE. Destroying Third World Populations. Zero. POPULATION AUSTRALIA. Zero. Largely ignored by the Wealthier Nations. POPULATION ASIA. Until the Virus Became Air Borne. Zero. POPULATION AFRICA. Zero.

I aM tHe PlanET's FiNAL TRAnSMiSsiOn. EArtH OvER. rEpEAT.
Track Name: Broken (2013)
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
The system is broken
Track Name: Revolution Devolution (2009)
The resolution to the revolution
Black and white and brown
Economic confusion
Track Name: Singularity (2015) BONUS TRACK
A time when progress is so rapid it outstrips humans' ability to comprehend it. Irreversibly transformed, people will augment their minds and bodies with genetic alterations, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. Machine intelligence will be infinitely more powerful than all human intelligence combined.