50​/​90 Challenge Album

by Sabrina Pena Young

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50 Songs in 90 Days

Feel free to download individual tracks for free or name your price for the entire album to help support this fun endeavor.

What is 50/90?
This is the marathon of songwriting known as the 50 Songs in 90 Days Challenge. Between July 4th and October 1st, participants attempt to write fifty songs. Songwriters will test their creative mettle by trying to create a finished song in less than 2 days every day for nearly 3 months.

During these 90 days participants will encourage each other, collaborate, give and gain feedback on their new creations and push themselves to practice and refine their skills in songwriting. Whether long time vets of songwriting or picking up the pen for the first time, participants will grow their skills in making music... and just might have some fun along the way.

This album is my 2015 attempt to meet the challenge! This music is free for downloading! The quality is DEMO quality.

I hope that you enjoy!
Sabrina Pena Young


released July 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Sabrina Pena Young Buffalo, New York

Sci-fi buff Young creates mind-numbing electroacoustic works heard in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. Music has been heard at festivals, radio, electronic dance clubs, random boom boxes in France, and as not-so-pleasant background music. Download Libertaria today! A whacked out experimental sci-fi opera about evil geneticists, post-USA dystopia, and lost love. Repo X Wagner X Machinima. ... more

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Track Name: The More Cowbell Song
Has anybody seen my cowbell
You know, the funky looking one with that's black and metal
I think I left it at your house the other day
I dont really know
but I kinda need my cowbell for this song
You know

Oh wheres my cowbell
Oh my pretty cowbell
I need more cowbell
for this stupid song

Oh wheres my cowbell
Have you seen my cowbell
I left it home

or maybe i left it like at my brothers house while we were playing video games and I dont know it was kinda annoying and it was just kinda sitting there and making noise and it was annoying and maybe I just hurt its feelings but I just can't seem to find it

so wheres my cowbell
my pretty cowbell
oh come back to me
i miss you dearly
oh my pretty cowbell

i need more cowbell
like so much cowbell
oh where is my cowbell
oh where'd you go

don't go away
my lifes incomplete without my cowbell

I mean really without it like

oh wait a second
who's that coming thorug the door

is it you
is it my cowbell

i missed you so much
give me un besito!


So my life is great
Cuz I have my cowbell
my pretty cowbell
oh my lovely cowbell
its in my arms
oh my lovely cowbell

Oh my beautiful cowbell
Is got such charm

Its so beautiflul and lovely and kinda noisy but i kinda like it

Oh sorry

I didn't mean it
That was an accident

I need more cowbell
come back!
no don't leave me

come back!
Track Name: Roar
Hear me Roar
Track Name: I Cannot Play the Guitar
I cannot play the guitar